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  • Weblog: short articles on nearly everything.
  • Archive of longer articles.
  • Reviews of books, films, live music and albums.
  • Satirical articles written for the Syndicate of London.
  • Funny IRC logs gathered over the past five years.
  • Archived debates and discussions from internet relay chat.

Selected articles written for online magazines and websites, including the Syndicate of London Journal, The Tangled Bank and The EvoWiki. I've only included articles of over about 800 words here, many more shorter articles have appeared on the weblog.

Memes aren't that unlike genes

A respose to those who claim that memes can't be like genes, because they don't survive long enough, copy perfectly enough, to be a useful unit of selection. Written for the Tangled Bank and SolJo Annual 2005.

The gay gene

A response to the genetic determinism, nature vs nurture and simplistic models of development implied in the media. Written for the Soljo Xmas 2004 and hosted at EvoWiki.

Why are Primates so smart?

How did primates get their big brains?

Should Britain be welcoming genetic engineering, GM crop trials and GM foods?

An overview of the genetic engineering debate, written for the SolJo annual in June 2003.

Lossless Audio Compression

An introduction to the best non-lossy audio compression formats for storing your music. Written for the SolJo christmas edition in October 2002.

Why Use PHP?

Why I use PHP for building websites instead of plain HTML or rival languages such as ASP.

Global Internet Culture

A rant about the increading comercialisation of the internet, and its use by people who don't understand how to use it properly. Written for the SolJo Annual 2002.

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