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Creative Commons License

All text on this site is Joe Dunckley, unless otherwise stated. The text of this site is released under the terms of the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. This allows reproduction and distribution of the material on condition that:

  1. It is not used for commercial purposes.

  2. The text is not modified.

  3. It is attributed to Joe Dunckley, steinsky.me.uk

  4. You note that the material is released under the Creative Commons nc-nd-by license.

The photographs on this site are also released under this license, with the following exceptions:

  1. All rights to photographs over 700 pixels wide or 700 pixels tall are reserved and may not be reused. You may request a smaller version of these images for use.

  2. Some photographs are released under the less restrictive CC-by-sa license and GNU Free Documentation License, however, I have not noted this on all such images. If you wish to use any image on this site under one of those licenses email me and I will consider the request - this will usually be granted for descriptive photos, but not for artistic ones.

  3. Some images are not mine and are used with permision, or on assumed fair-use grounds. Any image which is remotely hosted should be assumed to be used on these grounds. Locally hosted images that are used on these terms will have them noted on the image info pages.

  4. Any other image where it is explicitly noted on the info page that it is not released under the CC license.

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