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A list of my current projects (other than blogging on this site and miscelanious offline activities such as doing a degree in Genetics):

  • Currently most of my time is taken up with real work, as a research assistant at the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies in Cincinnati, OH.
  • In the past my online projects have mainly been part of the Syndicate of London group (est 1992), although these have been declining in recent years as the group takes on individual projects:

    • I am currently editor of the Syndicate of London Journal (est. 2000).
    • I also occasionally write for the two other SoL magazines, The Discordant Opposition Jounal (edited by Cronus) and SoL Power Action (edited by PaRiS).
    • With PaRiS and fwaggle I run the MooIRCd IRC network (I run the irc.cotch.net and hub.ca.us servers and services etc).

  • I try to take at least one good photograph a day for the photoblog, and ocassionally write some pop-sci for the actual blog.

  • I also run the Evolution Education Wiki, a Wiki about evolution, biology, paleontology and creationism.
  • I also waste a lot of time on Wikipedia, a wiki encyclopedia, running or participating in various UK and science related projects. I also occasionally find time to work on the sister projects Wikibooks and Wikinews.
  • I am also building the Billy Bragg section of the Internet Archive live recordings library.
  • I try to read at least fifty books a year.

If there were more hours in the day, I'd also be trying to tidy and expand the code behind this site into something other people can use and adapt, recording podcasts with scientists, and spending even more time on Wikipedia.

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